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When my mom first told me about her new Thermomix I couldn’t understand her excitement. FFS, why is she going nuts about a kitchen device?!

Well, it only needed me one try to fully understand her fascination!
Woooow – Thermomix is not just another kitchen device – no – it is THE device, that puts everything else in the shadow. When you have a Thermomix, you no longer need anything else, because it can simply do (almost) anything in one device!

No matter if you feel like risotto, smoothies, ice cream, thai-curry, hummus or a pizza dough – Thermomix can do it all – It even leads you step by step through the entire recipe. The device has several recipes that you can cook along with.
It is fully automatic, you do not have to do anything except adding the ingredients. „add 30g onions, turn to level 4“, „add 200ml water, turn to level 1“ and so on – simply amazing!

Thermomix also has a built-in scale, so you can break up with your kitchen scale.
It also comes with several extra pieces, so you can steam, knead, mince, mix, or beat until stiff.

Anybody who makes ist own life easier and gets a Thermomix also gets a full demonstraion by a ambassador, free of charge.
I was instructed by Ariane Erni. She showed me how to bake a vegan Fociaccia and a raw vegan salad.

I love the raw vegan salad and want to share the recipe with you.
It only takes a few minutes, if you have a Thermomix:

2 carrots
1 small Broccoli
1 Apple
2 Celery
1-2 TBSP Oliveoil
1-2 TBSP Vinegar
1-2 TBSP Agave syrup

Simply add everything in once to the Thermomix – turn to level 7 – and this was it, enjoy!

Once more i realized: Mom is always right!

If you are interested in a Thermomix go to www.thermomix.ch

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