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Even though nowadays i represent more than just fitness, this is where i came from and where i started. For that, a lot of people see me as an expert when it comes to food choices and i get constantly asked what the best diet is. This is why i decided to write a new blog for you!


Right and wrong – who is actually defining that?
Who defines when you got too „skinny“ or too „fat“? Who sais what job/sport/hobby is meant for only men or only women?
And here we are: You should do exactly what FEELS right to YOU! It’s about wellbeing an not what society thinks.

However, it is indeed quite special in the fitness industry: Everybody seems to know better than the other. You could ask 10 nutrition experts for advice, you would receive 10 different answers.

In this blog, i rely on my personal, year long experiences and what turned out to be best for me. Since so many of you want to know more about it, i am happy to share it with you ☺

Back in the days, I used to put all my food on the scale and counted every single calorie and macro nutrition. I used to pre cook for 2-3 days, without knowing what i would actually feel like eating the next day. But „what i feel like eating“ didn’t matter to me back then. It was just about achieving the numbers. Yes, I achieved it – with an unbelievable amount of willpower and discipline.

But let’s be honest!
Is that really worth it? I don’t want to blame anyone who still does it that way, but i believe that nowadays i found sort of a balance, which is a very important to spread, especially to young women! I am so glad that I am out of this crazy extreme of counting and planning. Let go of the pressure, breathe & learn to accept yourself!

Meanwhile, I finally came to a – actual very familiar – point. Back to my roots! I found myself back! Today it is about FEELING WELL, BEING IN BALANCE AND NOT CONSTANTLY THINK ABOUT FOOD OR CALORIES. I quit with my stressful thoughts.

Shortly after i quit my bodybuilding career (spring 2015) i started to do some research about eating plantbased. I was simply curious about it, because i actually never took these people seriously…

It was very important to me to not start just another crazy diet! I dont want to deal anymore with pressure and eating disorders.

2018 – since nearly two years i eat vegan. I can’t exactly tell when i started doing so. Becoming a vegan normally doesn’t happen over night. It should not be like „I start my new vegan diet now“. It is not a diet. It is a lifestyle! If you are turning vegan just because your friends do or just because it is trend, you probably won’t last long. But veganism is not about „lasting“!

I personally was shocked by the facts, that with a fully plantbased diet i dont only optimize my health, i can also do something good for the planet!

• health benefits
• animal care
• Co2 problem: Killing rain forest to plant wheat, soy & corn (of which 70% goes to lifestock farming instead of to people in hunger!!)
• global warming, metane gase, ocean deadzones
• water consumption


I could talk for hours about all these topics, but let’s do that in another blog and just talk about one. One that many people are not aware of: water consumption.

We all know it is important to safe water. A lot of us try that already by sending less time under the shower or running the dish washer a little less. But unfortunately, this doesn’t really help. At all. It is a good thing of course and we should for sure do so! But there is waaaaay more we could do. For example eating less animal products.



Amount of water we need to produce several foods:

1kg Eggs 3’300 Liters of water
1kg chicken 3’900 Liters of water
1kg cheese 5’000 Liters of water
1kg beef 15’500 Liters of water

compared to plantbased food:

1kg rice 1’300 liters of water
1kg potatoes 900 liters of water
1kg apples 700 liters of water



Yes, it’s a fact! We can safe water depending on our food choices. This is exactly one reason that flashed me and wanted me to try it out. Until today i eat plantbased, without any pressure or rules. I feel free, healthy and simply love it ☺

I surely understand that making a change is never easy. Human beings tend to stick to habbits. Well, I can only suggest trying it out.

I learned listening to my body again. I learned to listen when i am hungry and when i am simply not. Unfortunately a lot of people lost this. And this is exactly where you have to start if you want to change your earting habbits. Start listening to your body and forget meal plans!

Still, many people want to hear some black on white advice from me. I can share some with you, sure. But be aware that most important is to do what feels right to you!


• In general, weather if you eat animal products or not, I suggest eating as natural as possible.

• The longer the list of the ingredients is, the less natural the food is. Everything including E209 E378 E388 and so on can not be natural…

• Try to eat as little processed foods as possible. Eat natural! By doing so, you will suddenly realize, that for exmpl. Cheese and sausage are also processed foods.

• Also I suggest: Do not cook your food “to death”. This is how you destroy all precious micronutriens, trace elements and vitamins.

• When you eat vegetables and fruit, for example potatoes, apples, cucumbers or carrots, do not peel them! The most precious vitamins lay right under the skin. Of course it is important to rinse them off properly with water and best would be to buy them organic and seasonal.

• Reduce eating trans fats. They are hidden in chips, chocholate and other processed foods.

• Carbs are not bad for you! 70% of what I eat is carbs! There is a difference between industrial processed simple sugar carbs like white toast bread and sugar – or natural complex carbohydrates such as potatoes, lentils or rice.

• vegan replacement products are just as processed as common cheese and meat. I do eat them now and then, but not regularly. The point of eating vegan is not to replace milk and meat with a similar product. It’s about understanding why you chose not to eat them. However, vegan replacement products can be super helpful when you are slowly changing to eat vegan ☺

• drink water! It does miracles – for our overall health, our skin, getting rid of toxics and can even support you by loosing weight!

• NO RULE WITHOUT EXCEPTION! Most important is to eat what does your good! Learn to listen to your body. BALANCE IS THE KEY. More information about my overall lifestyle, exclusive workout videos, cooking videos, my favourite recipes, basic videos and a lot more:

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